Monday, June 27, 2011

"Pretend things aren't as important as things that are real."

The other day I was trying to get little blonde person and her towhead brother out the door.  Little blonde person kept insisting I wait until she finished having tea with her friend Rabuco (no idea who or what Rabuco is or where little blonde person came up with the name).  We were already late and the mercury was about to blow out the top of my frustration meter.  I said to little blonde person, "Little blonde person, we have to go right now.  We're already late." "But Mommy," she insisted. "I have to finish having tea with Rabuco.  We're playing pretend."  I snapped back, "Pretend things aren't as important as things that are real. Now let's go."

Instantly I felt like an enormous hypocrite.  Because, folks, there are days when what's going on in the world I'm creating in that oft-visited Word document on my laptop is just as, if not more important to me than the diaper changing and meal preparing and house cleaning and goodnight kisses.  In fact, there are days when I can't wait to escape my mommy duties and plunge into that world.

I thought about that as I tugged a crying little blonde person through the house and out to the car.  After stowing her little brother in his seat, I knelt and took her by the shoulders.  I apologized for being sharp with her and told her I was sorry we didn't have time for her to finish having tea with Rabuco.  I told her Rabuco was welcome to come with us.  Her tears switched off and were replaced by a grin as she shouted for Rabuco to hurry and get in the car because we were late.

I'm just wondering if any of you sometimes neglect a sinkful of dishes or let your child nap way longer than is good for you or send your husband and children off without you just so you can finish having tea with Rabuco, so to speak.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catch up

So this posting every Monday, I'm struggling with it.  If you couldn't tell.  The last month has been nuts. 

I got the feedback from my critique group.  It was fantastic.  I love my group.  They're truly, as critique groups go, hell, as human beings go, stellar. 

Based on their suggestions, I revised for almost three weeks, then submitted Seeds to the agent.  I haven't heard anything from her yet, but, considering her busyness level, I expected that and truth be told I don't mind a bit. I sort of feel like someone on death row who's been granted a stay of execution.  I'm just so terrified she won't like it.

A week after I sent the manuscript I traveled to Idaho to visit my family and stayed there for two weeks.  I had a houseguest the following week and the week after that I spent trying to adjust to 'normal' life again.

I've been popping into all of your blogs, but haven't left any comments. I hope to get back to commenting on a regular basis now that things have slowed down a bit.  I also hope to get back to weekly postings.  I hope everyone's writing is going well and that you all have something (or several somethings) fantastically fun planned for your summer.