Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm a thief.

It appears I'm temporarily out of inspiration for blog posts.  However, my WIP is going well, so I'm actually pretty happy with that tradeoff.  Because of my lack of inspiration I'm going to blatantly rip off the post on Dystel and Goderich's blog.

It's all about taking out the trash and included a link to this exceptional article about editing.  Really it's well worth the time to check out.  I found it enormously helpful and wish I would have discovered it before editing my manuscript that I'm now shopping around to agents.


KarenG said...

Thanks for that link! It's great to have all that on one post, listed in such a clear manner. I'm adding it to my sidebar links.

angfla said...


I'm glad you enjoyed the link. I found it so incredibly helpful and definitely plan on using it when I get to the editing point on my current WIP.