Monday, August 1, 2011

Consistency thy name is Success (or is it the other way around?)

So you know how sometimes you'll be tooling around on the internet and suddenly read something that hits you right between the eyes kaBLAM!  I had that experience on Saturday (after we FINALLY got our internet connection running in our new place).  I was bopping around blogs to see what all I missed out on the last couple of week and came across this post about writing consistently on agent Rachelle Gardner's blog.  It was so great I just had to share it.

Since completing my revisions on Seeds, I've had a bit of an issue with consistency.  I'll sit down and in sort of a frenzy hammer out some edits on my WIP and then not touch it again for three or four days, sometimes, for as long as a week.  I thought as long as I was doing something on it I was okay.

The above linked post changed all that.  So for this week, my goal is to write/edit at least a little bit everyday on my WIP, even if it means (as it inevitably will)  resisting the siren call of So You Think You Can Dance or True Blood or the unbelievably gripping books I've been reading about the fatal May 1996 expeditions to Everest.

How about you guys?  Any life altering things come your way on the internet this weekend?  Any big goals (writing or otherwise) for the week?


Old Kitty said...

I say if whatever method works for you then go for it! Your wip will only be the stronger for it.

I think for me bottom line is I have to be happy within to be able to write. If outside circumstances are upsetting me I can't feel creative let alone escape into my writing as I'm too in turmoil.

So for me being happy within is the first, then of course comes the discipline - another department where I am sorely lacking and where Rachelle Gardner's very wise and sensible post may help!!! Yay!

Good luck with your revisions!!!

Take care

Peaches Ledwidge said...

I should be writing more, but with the editing of my book, I've decided to slow down the pace and wait for the right time to pick up speed again.

Talli Roland said...

Nothing too life altering for me right now! But I hear you on consistency. Writing every day and having a bit of a routine is key for me.

Choices said...

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Happy Writing!